spring show PROGRAM AD fundraiser

Ad Payments include PayPal fee

You can make ads in Canva, Photoshop or PowerPoint. Watch the following slideshow for instructions on HOW TO CREATE a FREE account using CANVA, a free graphic design tool website to create presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of beautiful layouts. 



How to Upload Your Artwork



Every user will receive an email from techhighsteppers@gmail.com that invites you to edit your own personal folder: This is where you can submit and edit all your ads. In order to make this successful please follow directions below using the quick start guide.

Quick Start Guide: Using Google Docs

Prerequisites: Each person who uses Google Docs must have an email address

(any email address; Gmail accounts will work but are not required).


After you created an account to use for Google Docs, Look for your name, and Click on the red button  "SUBMIT ADS HERE"  to upload each ad.  

  1. Be sure all the ads uploaded are color. 

  2. Ads are Saved in JPEG format or PDF High Quality (300ppi). In PowerPoint (220ppi)

  3. Ads are named using the following example: 


lastname_firstname_name of the business ad or personal ad_size of ad




Choi_Celeste_Starbucks_full page


  • Need Extra Forms? One form per ad.  Each ad should have its own form. This contract includes an Order Form, business letter to give to company, information and tips on how to sell along with artwork size and dimension guidelines that need to be used to create ads.  

  • Email  Monica Dial with questions creating ads, using Canva, google docs or payment -  msdial@me.com



Already bought your ad but haven't turned in your artwork?


Use the Google Doc Folder below with your name on it to upload your artwork directly to us!

Hayven Clark - Freshman

Kaitlin Phillips - Freshman

Ashlynn Waltz - Freshman

Ashwatha Sundaresan - Freshman

Valeria Contreras - Sophomore

Mariah Ronning - Sophomore

Caitlyn Tate - Sophomore

Payton Anderson - Junior

Ava Axtell - Junior

Rowan Bush - Junior

Lauralee Fish - Junior

Lydia Fletcher - Junior

Sanskriti Jha - Junior

Anna Kovnatska - Junior

Amanda Mitchell - Junior

Emily Morgenstern - Junior

Corrine Phillips - Junior

Oyinda Rickford - Junior

Rebecca Wilde - Junior

Khloe Worrall - Junior

Kaylie Aaron - Senior

Brooke Bryant- Senior

Brena Dial - Senior

Snigdha Kotaru - Senior

Sahana Patel- Senior

Hailee Paulsen - Senior

Jada Riley - Senior

Onye Stevenson - Senior

Charlene Sunde - Senior

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